If you want to know the real truth about what is going on in life today, let me start by telling you that there are many single dads out there who are into divorce dating simply because there is just so much divorce going on, and that is a sad thing to see. Many of the wives leave their husbands and many of them choose not take their children along with them. Other times, the mother and the father have joint custody of the children, so the children end up going back and forth between the parents. Even though there is just so much divorce going on, it doesn’t mean that it’s all good and everyone is just so happy. That is not always the case.

Many times the children and both parties are always affected by it and it does leave scars that are not easily healed. However, if divorce does take place, then the best thing to do is just move forward and that is why I believe there are many men out there today who are into single dad dating. Many of the men long to find a woman who can really love them genuinely, take care of them as a man, and also love and take care of their children as well. They are now looking for someone who will really stay true to the word of commitment, and won’t just easily back away when the going gets tough. They want to find a person who knows how to take responsibility for any action that they do, but at the same time the single dad has also come to the point and realization where he also knows that he too needs to take charge of his own actions as well.


One of the good things about single dad dating is that most of the time all the cards are already laid on the table before a couple even becomes more serious. The woman already knows that children are involved, she usually knows the deal and the story behind the breakup with the ex-wife, and because she knows all about it, she makes a conscious choice as to if she wants to continue on with relationship or not. That is a good thing because now the man is aware about what is going on in her heart and mind and he can also work with that as well. He won’t pressure her into getting into something that she doesn’t want to be involved in.

So there is an instant choice between the couple if they want to really take this relationship into the next level. If they so decide to give the relationship a try, then there is a sense of freedom and liberty that can be enjoyed within each other. There will now be room for improvement, communication, and a deep sense of well being and appreciation. A couple who starts their relationship with a good and firm foundation can stay strong. Another good thing is that there is really open communication and that really helps in keep people together.