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Allow your child to pursue a hobby


Psychiatrist Sanjay Chugh says stress can lead to unhealthy lifestyle and even depression, especially to young ones. So parents should not stop their kids from pursuing their hobbies. In fact they should encourage their children to find a pleasurable activity. “Cultivating a hobby not only provided enjoyment, but will also ensure they meet more kids and make friends,” Chugh said Continue reading

Independent Toddlers and Toddler Independence


Somewhere along this parenting road I heard (or read) that there’s a great window of opportunity to teach kids to be good helpers with life skills when they are young, really young, like 2 to 4 years old young. These are the ages where they get excited over doing new and challenging things that are easy and mundane to us big people. So every so often I do the right thing and include my kids on simple chores like little cooking tasks, laundry, setting the table, but more often than not I forget or decide it’s not worth the bother Continue reading

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