Psychiatrist Sanjay Chugh says stress can lead to unhealthy lifestyle and even depression, especially to young ones. So parents should not stop their kids from pursuing their hobbies. In fact they should encourage their children to find a pleasurable activity. “Cultivating a hobby not only provided enjoyment, but will also ensure they meet more kids and make friends,” Chugh said. Hobbies also help kids develop focus.
Children are anyway known to have several interests and high energy levels. If at such times they do not have the right activities, they will resort to destructive measures. So, it’s best to encourage them to pursue at least one hobby. Options are many — you can encourage them to sign up for dance or music classes, or join foreign language sessions, paint, join theatre groups, read books, take cooking classes, indulge in gardening or may be start teaching poor kids. The idea is to do something that they’d enjoy so that it can also relax them.
According to Apollo Hospital senior cosmetic surgeon Anup Dhir, stress can manifest itself on one’s appearance in many ways, but primarily it shows on skin, “Like maybe acne for teenagers. This also affects their self-esteem, which is not good,” he says.

Good hobbies for kids


Some hobbies for kids are great at increasing their academic performance. Try introducing your child to stamp or coin collection. This is a great way to help improve kid’s association skills and memory. In fact, it is also great to improve their general geography based knowledge. So, they will learn how to associate certain symbols or colours with certain countries. They will remember country names better, as well as their currency, to a certain extent. Collection coins can also make the kid conscious of the value for money and its importance.
However, if your child finds it boring, try introducing him or her to a musical instrument. It will add a talent to his kitty and also add a great deal of confidence to his or her personality. Plus, music has its way of calming down an individual, hence, it will help reduce the aggression. I don’t think I need to add that, music in itself, is enticing enough to teach him focus, concentration and determination.
If you feel your child has an artistic bent of mind, initiate him or her to scrapbooking. It will teach them to analyze the importance of incidences and people. More so, scrapbooking requires skill and patience, both of which are great if imbibed at an early age in the kid.
Then of course, drawing and coloring have been known to help improve the creativity in the child. It helps at improving their concentration and association skills. More so, they will learn how to express themselves freely.